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Leak stop for Refrigeration and a/c systems


Product Details:

Leak Stop for AC/R Systems

EXTREME ULTRA is the ultimate refrigerant gas leak stop that solves all the problems related to refrigerant gas microleakages in AC/R Systems. After thousands of tests and more than 4 years of research & development efforts, Errecom designed a 6 mL dose leak stop that can work with all types of refrigerant gases.

How does it work?
EXTREME ULTRA locates the refrigerant gas leaks and permanently seals them, without reacting to moisture and oxygen. EXTREME ULTRA is a polymer-free solution that repairs leaks up to 0.3 mm.


  • 6 mL advanced formula, less product in the System.
  • 6 mL up to 21 KW or 700 mL compressor oil
  • It permanently seals refrigerant gas leaks both in metal and rubber components of AC/R systems.
  • Polymer-free. Non-reactive to humidity and oxygen.
  • Safe for AC/R systems components
  • Visible to any UV Lamp.
  • Not flammable,not irritant, safe for the operator.
  • It significantly reduces compressor noise.
  • Ideal for preventative maintenance.


  • Compatible with all refrigerant gases, including CFC, HFC,HCFC, R32 and HFO